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AVINZA Co-Promotion

AVINZA Co-Promotion
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2011
AVINZA Co-Promotion [Abstract]  
AVINZA Co-Promotion

4. AVINZA Co-Promotion

In February 2003, Ligand and Organon Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. (Organon) announced that they had entered into an agreement for the co-promotion of AVINZA. Subsequently in January 2006, Ligand signed an agreement with Organon that terminated the AVINZA co-promotion agreement between the two companies and returned AVINZA co-promotion rights to Ligand. In consideration of the early termination, Ligand agreed to make quarterly royalty payments to Organon equal to 6.5% of AVINZA net sales through December 31, 2012 and thereafter 6.0% through patent expiration, currently anticipated to be November of 2017.

In February 2007, Ligand and King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., or King, executed an agreement pursuant to which King acquired all of the Company's rights in and to AVINZA. King also assumed the Company's co-promote termination obligation to make royalty payments to Organon based on net sales of AVINZA. For the fourth quarter of 2006 and through the closing of the AVINZA sale transaction, amounts owed by Ligand to Organon on net reported sales of AVINZA did not result in current period expense, but instead were charged against the co-promote termination liability. The liability was adjusted at each reporting period to fair value and was recognized, utilizing the interest method, as additional co-promote termination charges for that period at a rate of 15%, the discount rate used to initially value this component of the termination liability.

In connection with King's assumption of this obligation, Organon did not consent to the legal assignment of the co-promote termination obligation to King. Accordingly, Ligand remains liable to Organon in the event of King's default of the obligation. Therefore, Ligand recorded an asset as of February 26, 2007 to recognize King's assumption of the obligation, while continuing to carry the co-promote termination liability in the Company's consolidated financial statements to recognize Ligand's legal obligation as primary obligor to Organon. This asset represents a non-interest bearing receivable for future payments to be made by King and is recorded at its fair value. The receivable and liability will remain equal and adjusted each quarter for changes in the fair value of the obligation including for any changes in the estimate of future net AVINZA product sales. This receivable will be assessed on a quarterly basis for impairment (e.g. in the event King defaults on the assumed obligation to pay Organon).

On an annual basis, management reviews the carrying value of the co-promote termination liability. Due to assumptions and judgments inherent in determining the estimates of future net AVINZA sales through November 2017, the actual amount of net AVINZA sales used to determine the current fair value of the Company's co-promote termination asset and liability may be materially different from current estimates.

A summary of the co-promote termination liability as of June 30, 2011 is as follows (in thousands):


Net present value of payments based on estimated future net AVINZA product sales as of December 31, 2010

   $ 30,885   

Assumed payments made by King or assignee


Fair value adjustments due to passage of time





Total co-promote termination liability as of June 30, 2011


Less: current portion of co-promote termination liability as of June 30, 2011





Long-term portion of co-promote termination liability as of June 30, 2011

   $ 21,346