Ligand is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects the environment and the communities in which we operate.  We recognize that maintaining a clean environment must be an integral part of daily activities and business decisions; therefore, this is one of Ligand’s highest priorities.  In order to protect the environment, we have instituted programs and policies in the following areas:

  • Safe Storage and Transportation of Materials and Substances
  • Hazardous Work Activities
    • Ligand works to recognize all potential and actual hazards through periodic inspections and to evaluate these through appropriate analysis and studies. It is Ligand’s policy to prevent unsafe or unhealthful conditions and correct any that arise as soon as possible after they are discovered. Once identified, all unsafe or unhealthy work conditions or work practices are evaluated and corrected promptly.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
    • All Ligand offices participate in recycling programs
    • Ligand incentivizes employees to use bicycles, public transportation and/or fuel-efficient vehicles
    • Ligand’s offices in northern California are located in an LEED Silver designated building 
  • Waste and Surplus Material Management
    • Clear and concise guidance and direction is given to employees generating waste. Approved waste containers are provided, and removal of waste is coordinated with approved waste disposal companies according to all federal and local regulations.
    • Protection of ground and surface water is considered in waste management procedures and processes 
  • Biological Safety
    • Ligand commits to the responsible use of biologicals at its facilities, produced by Ligand or under the responsibility of Ligand so that employees, the general public and the environment are protected from adverse effects. Work with biologicals must be conducted in a safe, ethical, environmentally sound and compliant manner.  Relevant lab employees receive training in safe work with biological materials.