Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2022
Business Combination and Asset Acquisition [Abstract]  
Acquisitions Acquisitions
Excluding the impact of OmniAb, we completed one acquisition from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2022, where we applied the acquisition method of accounting for business combinations. Accordingly, we recorded the tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed at their estimated fair values as of the applicable date of acquisition.
Pfenex Acquisition
On October 1, 2020, we acquired Pfenex, which develops next-generation and novel protein therapeutics to improve existing therapies and create new therapies for biological targets linked to critical, unmet diseases using a protein expression technology platform.
The purchase price of $465.1 million included $429.6 million cash consideration paid upon acquisition, and a contingent CVR payment of up to $77.8 million in cash based on a certain specified milestone with an estimated initial fair value of $37.0 million. The CVR will only be paid in full if the milestone is achieved by December 31, 2021. The amount of the CVR included in purchase price was reduced by $1.5 million which was determined to be post-combination expense. The fair value of the CVR liability was determined using a probability adjusted income approach. These cash flows were then discounted to present value using a discount rate based on market participants' cost of debt reflective of the Company, which was 7.1%. The liability is periodically assessed based on events and circumstances related to the underlying milestone, and any change in fair value is recorded in our consolidated statements of operations. During the year ended December 31, 2021, we wrote off the entire CVR liability of $37.6 million to other operation income, primarily due to not achieving the specific development and regulatory milestone by December 31, 2021 as defined by Pfenex CVR.
In connection with the acquisition, a portion of Pfenex's equity awards that were outstanding and unvested prior to the acquisition became fully vested per the terms of the merger agreement. The acceleration of vesting required us to allocate the fair value of the equity attributable to pre-combination service to the purchase price and the remaining amount was considered our post-combination expense. We paid $17.3 million in cash for equity compensation, which is attributable to pre-combination services and is reflected as a component of the total purchase price paid of $429.6 million. In addition, the fair value of equity compensation attributable to the post-combination service period was $8.7 million. These amounts were associated with the accelerated vesting of stock options previously granted to Pfenex employees and were fully paid in cash, which was recognized as general and administrative expenses during the fourth quarter of 2020.
We recorded $20.7 million of acquisition-related costs for legal, severance and other costs in connection with the acquisition within operating expenses in our consolidated statement of operations for 2020. The following table sets forth an allocation of the purchase price to the identifiable tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed, with the excess recorded to goodwill (in thousands):
Cash $ 51,407 
Restricted cash 200 
Accounts and unbilled receivables 1,359 
Property and equipment, net 7,823 
Right-of-use asset 3,070 
Other assets 1,338 
Intangibles acquired 385,000 
Accounts payable (6,814)
Accrued liabilities (9,606)
Deferred revenue (3,908)
Lease liabilities (3,070)
Other liabilities (1,382)
Deferred tax liabilities, net (42,622)
Total consideration $ 465,098 
(1) Goodwill represents the excess of the purchase price over the preliminary fair value of the underlying assets acquired and liabilities assumed. Goodwill is attributable to the assembled workforce of experienced personnel at Pfenex and expected synergies. None of the goodwill is deductible for tax purposes.

The intangibles acquired and their weighted average useful life are as follows (in thousands, except useful lives):
Fair Value
Estimated useful life
(in years)
Contractual Relationships:
Alvogen $ 114,000  12
Merck 117,000  12
Jazz 80,000  17
SII 49,000  10
Arcellx 2,000  17
Acquired Technologies 23,000 
$ 385,000 

The fair values of the contractual relationships were based on the discounted cash flow method that estimated the present value of the potential royalties, milestones and collaboration revenue streams derived from the licensing of the related technologies over the estimated contractual relationship period. The fair values of the acquired technologies were based on the discounted cash flow method that estimated the present value of the potential royalties, milestones, collaboration and product revenue streams derived from the licensing of the related technologies over the estimated useful lives. These projected cash flows were discounted to present value using discount rate, which varies from 12% to 15%. The intangible assets acquired are being amortized on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful life.
Approximately $2.0 million of revenue and $19.3 million of loss before income taxes of Pfenex were included in the consolidated statement of operations for the year ended December 31, 2020. The following summary presents our unaudited pro forma consolidated results of operations for the years ended December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019 as if the Pfenex acquisition had occurred on January 1, 2019, which gives effect to certain transaction accounting adjustments, including amortization of acquired intangibles and stock based compensation expense for retained Pfenex employees. The transaction accounting adjustments do not include non-recurring adjustments related to Pfenex's executive salary, board of director compensation, and salary of Pfenex employees involved in the reduction of force as part of the acquisition, estimated to be $7.1 million in 2020 and $4.8 million in 2019. The pro forma financial information is not necessarily indicative of the operating results that would have occurred had the acquisition been consummated as if the date indicated, nor is it necessarily indicative of future operating results (in thousands, except per share amounts):
Year Ended December 31,
(Unaudited) 2020 2019
Revenue $ 189,203  $ 170,608 
Net Income (loss) $ (60,059) $ 594,941 
Net income (loss) per common share:
    Basic $ (3.71) $ 31.32 
    Diluted $ (3.71) $ 30.11