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Business Combination - Narrative (Details)

Business Combination - Narrative (Details) - Ab Initio Biotherapeutics, Inc.
$ in Thousands
Jul. 23, 2019
USD ($)
Business Acquisition [Line Items]  
Consideration transferred in acquisition $ 12,000
Cash payments for acquisition 11,840
Cash holdback for potential indemnification claims 150
Tangible assets acquired 30
Liabilities assumed (80)
Deferred tax liability acquired in connection with the acquired intangibles (1,600)
Goodwill acquired 6,300
Core Technology  
Business Acquisition [Line Items]  
Finite-lived intangible assets acquired $ 7,400
Discount rate used to value intangible assets acquired (as a percent) 12.00%
Weighted-average estimated useful life of finite-lived intangible assets acquired 20 years